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Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance: A Checklist of Preferred Names and Allied Terms - A. R. Pittaway - 1991

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This checklist is intended to provide a single reliable reference source for checking the scientific names of the important species and genera of arthropods in the fields of human and veterinary medicine. It is also intended to introduce a measure of consistency to these names, for accurate and reliable nomenclature is essential if information is to be successfully communicated. Unfortunately, not all authors use the same names for the same organisms, and spelling errors are common. Additionally, the checklist also includes names of the most important diseases transmitted by arthropod vectors, biological control agents used to control vectors (including fish), and important synonyms. The book is laid out with the name of the organism to the left (whether correct or incorrect), followed by the author of the species name. To the right is the family, order or class name of the organism or the correct name if the name to the left is an incorrect synonym. In total about 7500 entries are included. The book should therefore be a valuable reference work for research workers in medical and veterinary entomology as well as practitioners in pest control and public hygiene.

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