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Cereal Grains Assessing and managing quality - C.W. Wrigley & I.L. Batey - 2010 - Series in food science, technology and nutrition

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The quality of cereal products is dependent to a large extent on the suitability of the cereal grains processed. Therefore it is essential that cereals producers and handlers understand grain quality requirements for different end uses. Grain suppliers and users must also be able to rapidly and accurately assess grain end-use quality and use this information to direct their grain quality management activities. This book provides a convenient and comprehensive overview of academic research and industry best practice in these areas. Chapters review quality aspects of different cereals and also specific aspects of grain quality analysis and management.

Key Features: reviews cereal grain morphology and composition and the diversity of the different uses of cereal grains; examines the use of analytical methods at different stages of the value-addition chain; reviews the factors affecting grain quality such as breeding, storage and grain processing, as well as possible future developments.

Contents: Part 1 Cereal grain quality: an introduction: An introduction to the cereal grains: major providers for mankinds food needs; Cereal-grain morphology and composition; The diversity of uses for cereal grains. Part 2 Characteristics and quality requirements of specific cereals: Wheat: characteristics and quality requirements; Rye and triticale: characteristics and quality requirements; Barley: characteristics and quality requirements; Oats: characteristics and quality requirements; Corn: characteristics and quality requirements; Rice: characteristics and quality requirements; Sorghum and millets: characteristics and quality requirements. Part 3 Grain quality analysis: Analysis of grain quality at receival; Identification of grain variety and quality type; Food safety aspects of grain and cereal product quality. Part 4 Grain quality management: Breeding for grain-quality traits; The effects of growth environment and agronomy on grain quality; Maintaining grain quality during storage and transport; Processing wheat to optimise product quality; Grain quality: the consumer, the scientist, the technologist and the future. Part 5 Appendices: Composition of grains and grain products; Equivalence between metric and US units for the grain industry.

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